Short Adventures

DM: Kenny
  • Torrin – Jamie (Warlock)
  • Markus – Tomas (Bard)
  • Cog – Andy (Cleric)
  • Iris – Shelli (Warden)
  • Lars – Ryan (Wizard)

While travelling back toward town after hunting goblins in the foothills the party comes across a distraught old man on the side of the road. He is pacing the tree line of the forest and calling for “Arthur”. When approached he seems glad to have found someone, anyone to assist. As the man introduces himself it becomes apparent that his eyes are clouded and blind. His name is Sol and he explains that his dog, Arthur, had pulled away and chased something into the forest, leaving him relatively helpless. He pleads with the party to find his beloved dog, offering them 100 gold pieces in reward. As he produces his coinpurse though it seems there is less gold and more silver and copper than the old man thinks. Still, the adventurers take pity on the man and set off into the forest in search of Arthur.

The party is not more than 10 minutes walk into the trees when Torrin hears an odd chirping noise. He stops dead in his tracks next to a log, rotting and hollow on the ground. As he listens a tiny, green, bipedal reptile hops onto the log, cocking its head to the side and inspecting him. Iris instantly recognises the creature as a needlefang drake. It hops toward the wary Torrin, who backpedals rapidly. When the tiny drake is too close for comfort the warlock conjures a blast of eldritch energy and obliterates it, just as it lurches toward him with a loud hiss. Alerted by the commotion many more needlefangs spill out of the log, hopping toward Cog (diligently trying to keep Torrin out of trouble). They swarm over him, pulling him to the ground and biting hungrily. The party rush to help.

The needlefangs’ excited chirping has alerted other drakes too. Guard drakes appear at the top of a steep bank, running down to engage the warden. Shortly after, spitting drakes perch atop the bank and launch their acidic spit at the closest of the party. After a messy fight the drakes are dispatched. As the rest of the party recovers, Lars rushes over to the base of the log to inspect some interesting plants he spied during the fight. He recognises the silver leafed herb as useful in nature rituals and plucks a handful. As he does this he startles back—there is another needlefang hiding in the log, however it is terrified and shivering. Markus steps forward and crouches down in front of the log using soothing words and extending an open hand. The drake is not calmed however and runs right through the log, out the other end and into the undergrowth. Glancing after it, Markus notices a large structure of white stone through the trees. A short yelp is heard in the distance.

The trees open out to a large green vale. The ruins of a small circular temple lie prominently in the middle. It appears to have been abandoned for some time. The glass dome roof is shattered and blue shards litter the ground. A large symbol of Melora is set into the floor. In the centre of the temple sits an ornate stone fountain which mimics the dome shape of the temple. The fountain has stopped running but the water within is crystal clear and sparkles in the sunlight. Blackberry bushes dot the perimeter and to the left of the steps a large menhir rises out of a clump of wildflowers. One enormous tree grows nearby, spreading its branches out over the temple.

As Iris climbs the steps it becomes immediately apparent that the ruins are not abandoned. An ochre slime is already flowing toward her, alerted by the tremors of the party’s footsteps. Close behind, an identical creature slithers onto the temple floor. As the party readies themselves for the attack, Lars the dwarven wizard makes for the trunk of the large tree, clambering into the limbs with surprising aptitude. As the adventurers’ blows weaken the magical oozes they divide into two smaller oozes, each trying to devour the most convenient meal. With some skilled fighting and a hail of spellfire the slimes are reduced to goo.

Picking carefully through the acidic remains, Cog finds several useful undigested items left over from previous victims. Iris notices a leather collar covered in slime. Picking it up revealed a metal tag, inscribed “Arthur”. Things don’t look good for Sol’s poor dog. Torrin notes that there is no trace of the dog amongst the other things eaten by the jellies—it could still be alive. However, finding no further signs of Arthur the party decides to head back towards the road.

Encounter 1

Enemies: Needlefang Drake Swarm, 2 Guard Drakes, 2 Spitting Drakes

Total XP: 675


Level Description Value Recipient Reference
- Rare Herbs 40gp Lars PH300

Encounter 2

Enemies: 2 Ochre Jellies

Total XP: 600


Level Description Value Recipient Reference
2 Hide Armor of Acid Resistance +1 520gp Torrin AV41
5 Potion of Clarity 50gp Iris PH255
5 Potion of Healing 50gp Lars AV188
- Onyx 100gp



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